America Don't Love You, So I Could Never Love You.

I'm Caithyne B. 21 years old. I aspire to inspire, I love to loathe. Don't judge me based on appearance and I won't judge you based on your lack of of a personality. *I hit post limit a lot* I'm not some lost soul, I know what I'm about, son.



P!nk talking about Stupid Girls [2/2]

Don’t play dumb, even if they want you to.

Props to her for pointing out problematic behavior without putting down the women in general.

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sex in the shower? no. slip and bust my ass. break my dick. she slippin too. she knock her head on the tile she passed out. bleedin. i cant walk cause my jimmy snapped. thought this was gonna be sexy and we both end up half dead.

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wow i’m so picky for an ugly person

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